Hendersons weir creek beagles

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John ParksA. A Hall of Fame. High Rock Beagles takes no credit in the information provided. For your information only. Then to keep the pattern of mating a bitch back to her sire going, Jack Stutz bred Trudy back to her sire.

Mario Santoro Clarence "Fish Creek" Jones' handler once told me that the Weir Creek hounds were very dependable in the field and they always accounted for their rabbit, no matter what the weather or scenting conditions were like. They would drive when they could, but would also work a hard check very carefully to keep the run going.

Land of Memphis, TN so you can get an idea about what part his hounds played in this story. Land worked for the fire department, but he ran hounds every spare moment he could.

Over time, he became very skilled in judging a hound's running ability. Land had a partner named Mr. Bohn in the Bohnland Kennels. Evidently Bohn provided the finances for the operation and Land did the work of running, breeding and raising the hounds. He was also rather outspoken. If he saw a fault in someone's hound, he wasn't a bit bashful about pointing that out too!

Because of this, W. Land wasn't a favorite of everybody on the competition circuit!

hendersons weir creek beagles

He had made too many people mad along the way. Land, and journeyed down to visit Land and run hounds with him.

While he was there he was impressed with the hound work he saw. Evidently Mr. Land also decided that the Weir Creeks had something to offer him in his own breeding program, so Jack Stutz and W. Land cultivated a beagling relationship with each other. Up to that point, Ruff had not had a whole lot of experience, but under Land's training program Land could see that Ruff had possibilities.

After some field trials under Land's tutelage, Ruff began to win and eventually became a field champion. Some of my sources have told me that Jenks might have used her mouth just a little too much at times or she would have been a field champion.

Although this is not a "close" mating by any means, it should be noted that the hound on both sides of the pedigree trace back to the same "roots"namely Yellow Creek Sport mainly through Fd. Sammy R. Maybe that us why the Weir Creek hounds are somewhat "different" from other bloodlines, and they are treasured by many--because they did not come to us via the conventional routes of Fd.

Gray's Linesman, or Fd. Wilcliffe Boogie.

Boggy Holler Buddie

Land described Fd. Weir Creek Buzz as follows: "Now as to Buzz.

Super fast Rabbit Dogs

He was one of the greatest hounds I ever bred or owned, and he lived to a ripe old age of fourteen before he passed away. He was a great searcher, and he could move his game well and hold his line well.

We gunned him regularly until he was ten years of age, and he would still go well, but was getting too slow for the pack and would get behind on all day hunts.If you where on this list for a female not looking good. If you are on the list for a male your in luck lol. This is the driest one done more colors to come. Get with Kenny and get yours ordered. Thanks Ace Klub Kennel for your order.

Order is ready to ship. We appreciate your business. Feeders in stock.

Wood's Weir Creek Beagles

Aluminum feeder make you feeding easier and quicker. Big female up for discussion.

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Good hunt clean smooth and no extra mouth. Medium speed. Good in kennel. Has been gun hunted.


She has 3 wins and about 70 points. She will be dog on the front showing the young dogs how to run a rabbit. Located in hodgenville Ky. Pm or text if you want more info. It was a good day for Hogtown Beagles Oneway said watch prudence got 2nd today outta 37 little female at the Indiana state spo trial.

It was a hot dry day 90 p The last three trials in 90 plus degree heat she has made all three winners pack. Big thanks to Bob Thompson and Patrick Croghan for all the help.

And this little hound has won 2 of 3 shows also. We have put a lot of thought into this and I gotta do it before I change my mind. We are getting out of the big female class. I have some nice big female to let All the all dogs have places and 1 has three wins. These dogs are not culls by no means. Sadie and nova both made winners pack two weeks ago in 95 degree heat.

North Carolina

I also have a fcgd big male that will be moved also. Got two big females derbys to go also.

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They are outta out big fcgd. I will not list price on post due to FB deleting.Log in or Sign up. I am now hooked on Rabbit hunting mwitterJan 18, Replies: 4 Views: Pups for sale Cameron PulliamNov 7, Replies: 0 Views: Cameron Pulliam Nov 7, Got two females and a male available.

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The American Beagler Forum Skip to content. Quick links. Branko vs or over weir creek A general forum for the discussion of hunting with beagles, guns, clothing and other equipment and just talking dawgs! Tall tales on hunting allowed, but remember, first liar doesn't stand a chance.

He been bredding weircreek long time, before that he ran branko dogs. My opinion, and only my opinion is that both lines have great hunt, grit.

Branko line is more hare type of breeding, usally fast, little rough or wide in checks. Weircreek little more conserative, still pushes the rabbit but at a more medium, controlled pace, less nreakdowns.

hendersons weir creek beagles

Again just my opinion. I have never owned a Weir Creek dog, but have run with them many many times.

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Very good line running dogs. They probably hunt harder than any line I have seen. My favorite Weir Creeks were the ones that were a little to hot for the owners preference Most of the Weir Creeks dogs I have seen have below average confirmation.

Please understand I am speaking "on average". If I were going to switch lines, I would absolutley consider Weir Creek. He is weir creek bred and he is a freak!! The only difference I my mind would be the speed factor.

Both have good noses and brains. Just depends on what you like.Our beagles are very traditional weir creeks. They have tons of hunt and a desire to catch rabbits. Males are typically 13" borderline or smaller. Females almost always finish out less than 13". Our weir creek beagles run about a 7 speed with gears and brains to suit the conditions.

We have culled and line bred for many years to enforce the desired traits that produce excellent dogs from jump to gun. Occasionally, we have extra weir creek beagle puppies for sale. What sets us apart from other breeders is our commitment to producing only the best hounds from old proven weir creek crosses.

We only breed the best to the best. We do not believe in brood bitches. All of our crosses are hardcore rabbit dog X hardcore rabbit dog. We have been doing this a long time and know what crosses work to produce exceptional hounds. Our dogs are highly sought after across the country. Our wait list can be long but is worth the wait.

Please see the puppies page on this website to be added to our wait list. If we have started dogs available, they are priced according to ability and age. We only offer our studs to those with quality weir creek bred females. Fee is a private treaty between parties.

hendersons weir creek beagles

Please use the form on the Contact Us page to inquire about stud service. Weir Creek Beagles - Facebook discussion group. Beagle Kennels - Link to other rabbit hunting beagle kennels.We line breed and train only the best old strains of weir creek beagles for rabbit hunting. Our hounds are second to none when it comes to digging rabbits out of thick cover while running with power and control back to the gun. What sets the weir creek beagles apart from others is their desire, brains and grit to really turn the woods upside down in order to find rabbits.

Proven crosses often produce a high percentage of jump dogs. With over 25 years raising and training rabbit hunting beagles we are dedicated to promoting complete weir creek beagles that any rabbit hunter would be proud to own. Hamptonville, North Carolina. Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder.

Contact Us. Rabbit Traps. Weir Creek Rabbit Hunting Beagles. Rabbit Hunting Dogs for Hunters We line breed and train only the best old strains of weir creek beagles for rabbit hunting. Hunt, hunt, and more hunt What sets the weir creek beagles apart from others is their desire, brains and grit to really turn the woods upside down in order to find rabbits. Complete Rabbit Hunting Hounds With over 25 years raising and training rabbit hunting beagles we are dedicated to promoting complete weir creek beagles that any rabbit hunter would be proud to own.