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The horoscope is truly apocalyptic. This is for several reasons, of which the planned total 5G pollution of every spot on Earth is the most insane, actual and deadly threat for every living organism. A Saturn-Pluto conjunction squared by Eris is catalysing the already existing tension field between the politicians and the civilians world wide.

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The result of this confrontation can only go in one direction or another. The horoscope is apocalyptic. Pluto transiting in Capricorn and a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto usually denotes a period of upheaval, a turning point in civilization and a reset of powers.

Eris squaring this conjunction makes the chart of a ticking time bomb. I will include asteroids and dwarf planets as they provide us with crucial details and vital extras. The social media are plagued with Blood Moon doom-posts and Galactic gates mumbo jumbo and the more popular, the more ridiculous they usually are. Technically it is now possible to create astonishing accurate predictions, using the western astrological system, upgraded with asteroids. However such a report would take months of hard work to create — despite the use of computer speed.

This because the astrologer should not only look at the New Year-chart, but at the chart of every day of and include asteroids, black lights, midpoints and fixed stars. Also the last eclips predating the new year would have to be examined i. A more general outline however is very well possible. Lockdown: behind the ugly scenes of the Corona-crisis and the role of dwarf planet Makemake and PN Eris is a so called Scattered Disc Object SDOalmost as big as Pluto, and often dominant in huge disasters and the charts of warmongers — and wars or ongoing conflicts.

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This means that KF77 is the most interesting player in this configuration on the positive side. If I would approach the horoscope traditionally this is what heaven looks like and deal with it! But contrary to the Alex Jones-type, these are whistle-blowers of the Edward Snowden category, who disrupt the system from the inside, directly or indirectly. The good thing is, we will not be bored by The bad thing is, Eris dominant not only in Hillary, but also in the Fukushima disaster and Saturn were in a very tight square-aspect 90 degrees, denoting conflict and tension on the day World War I started, on July 28, The first important historical event of a series of preludes of political events that lead directly to World War I, was the The Triple Alliancean agreement between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

It was formed on May 20, 1 and at that day Saturn was conjunct Neptune gas, infections and sextile Eris.

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The photograph above shows a pro-war demonstration in Bologna, Italy, The horoscope of has its Saturn-Pluto conjunction square Eris in common with the horoscope of the First World War. Especially Eris makes the chart a dangerous one.

The sign Cancer rules the civilian s as opposed to Capricorn which rules the officials, the governments, the state, the ruling system. So, just like on the day of the outbreak of World War I, we have this Saturn-Pluto conjunction within one degree at hours ! Fieldstudies are ignored. Many Appeals by medics and uncorrupted scientist, like the Freiburg Appeal and the most recent anti-5G Appeal are deliberately ignored by those, having ethically reached the same degenerated state of mind as pedophiles and nazi-doctors.

There will be be no place to hide on Earth if these megalomaniacs are not stopped with all means possible. It is tricky for astrologers to adres a certain brand new phenomenon to a certain planet or sign as there is not much expertise available.

Satellites and 5G are not the biggest problem where classification is concerned. However, these super tech-companies behave and function as political powers, have tremendous semi-bureaucratic political and social influence, are in many cases interwoven with warmonger NATO and almost every government that practises the global neoliberal and new world order politics.

eris astrology

They are also supported by the press and the juridical system and tax system that simply puts them above the law and above ethical responsibilities. Natural reality is something completely different from modified reality. Nature is our greatest treasure, which should be nurtured at all costs for our children, their children and for nature and life itself.

We are almost there.As I write these words, I am in voluntary self-quarantine. I suspect that many of you are too.

eris astrology

A few of you have contacted me, wondering about the astrology behind the pandemic, how long it will last, and how bad it might get. I do think that we can at least get some sense of its purpose. Many astrologers have been pointing an accusing finger at the current planetary traffic jam in Capricorn, with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction as the main culprit, and Mars currently helping it along.

Neptune in Pisces has a correlation with contagion too, as Maurice Fernandez has emphasized. All that is solid astrology, but it leaves out an important piece of the puzzle — one whose significance has been banging us over the head sincebut which astrologers still tend to ignore. That is the planet Eris, which is currently squaring the Pluto-Saturn conjunction, and doing so from the edgy sign Aries. That is what I want to explore with you in this newsletter.

I believe the Eris-Pluto square is actually the heart of the matter. Many of you are probably only dimly aware of Eris. It still has not gotten the press it deserves in the astrological community.

Let me be the first to admit that I have not integrated it properly into my own teaching and counseling myself yet. This year, the dates of the squares are January 26, June 14, and December The dates in are August 27 and October 9. Eris has been in Aries sinceby the way. It will not touch the Taurus cusp until June Eris is not only really slow, but it is also at the slowest part of its orbit, close to aphelion. We have a rare opportunity here to think of Pluto as fast-moving.

Eris is slightly smaller, but slightly more massive, than Pluto. It is also much further out in space.Eris is the goddess of strife and discord. This is based in Eris being excluded from the marriage of Peleus and Thetis later the parents of Achilleswhere she was left off the guest list due to her disagreeable inclinations.

Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all clamored for the honor, but Zeus was reluctant to make this decision, so Paris of Troy was chosen to adjudicate between them. Aphrodite caused Helen to be smitten with Paris, the couple eloped, and this insult to the Greeks precipitated the Trojan War. Astrologically, Eris represents strife, discord, discontent, fractiousness, quarreling, squabbling, and divisiveness.

She stands for populations which consider themselves disrespected, slighted, marginalized, affronted, forgotten or injured. Alex Miller. March 23rd, at pm. Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Eris Eris is the goddess of strife and discord. Share this:. Alex Miller Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Leave a comment.

What are your top five most important mythical asteroids?Eris was only discovered back inso its energy in astrology is very new, but as she comes together with the Sun, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce her.

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Eris lives beyond Pluto and is considered a dwarf planet. It is interesting to note that the discovery of Eris actually resulted in Pluto being demoted to a dwarf planet too, as both planets were found to be roughly the same size.

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, whereas Eris can almost be seen as the Goddess of the underworld. Could her discovery be a sign that we are paving the way for more balance when it comes to feminine and masculine energies?

Her energy is very similar to that of Pluto as they both carry deeper, darker themes. Both of their energies encourage us to embrace our shadow side in order to transform it into light.

In Greek Mythology, Eris was the sister of Mars. As the God of War, Mars was known for bringing fear and destruction, but Eris was known to magnify this. She took pleasure in creating suffering and her actions led to the start of the Trojan War. Eris definitely does not have the greatest reputation, but I am very aware that this is partly due to how women, even mythical ones, have been presented through the eyes of the patriarchy.

Just like Pluto, Eris challenges and pushes our buttons when transformation and change is needed. Think of an orchestra. As they all play together as one, beautiful music can be created. But if one musician starts to play out of time, it creates discord.

This can happen within us too when we move out of alignment with our mind, body, and soul. It could be because we are needing to spend time to reconnect and go within, but it could also be because we are ready to level up and reach a new state of alignment.

Discord enters our life to guide us down this path. It enters our life so we can find ways to readjust and reprioritize our life. It either forces us to level up or it guides us to go within to find a greater sense of harmony and unity. Eris is also a fearless warrior and a rebel. She is going to do what she feels and what is right in her heart, regardless of how she may be perceived.Private Readings.

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Spiritguides website. Creator or Destroyer? Friend of Foe? In a new survey began at a super big telescope in California. If you imagine our Solar System is a plate, they used the super telescope to look out towards the rim, in an area called the Kuiper Belt. This is beyond Pluto and made up of icy chunks of debris left over after the formation of our Solar System.

It looks like a swarm of wasps in a doughnut shaped ring around our Sun and planets. Illustration by Robbi, copyright It did indeed turn out that way, because before the survey ended inthey had discovered a whole host of things in the Kuiper Belt, including 3 new dwarf planets.

In myth, the ferryman Charon stands at the point of entry into the Underworld and so too, the newly recognised binary planet Pluto-Charon marks our entry into a whole new realm of discovery in our Solar System. Eris was first photographed in Octoberand was officially labelled UB no, not the band! Eris is actually bigger than Pluto and was therefore entitled to be called the 10th planet, so the discovery was earth shattering….

Two separate teams of astronomers discovered the dwarf planet Haumea at a similar time and this started a squabble for ownership. In an effort to make sure that his discovery Eris got her rightful recognition as the biggest, he hastily called a press conference and announced Eris to the world in Julywhich was before they had planned to do so. Finally in September ofXena and her moon Gabrielle, were given the official names Eris and Dysnomia. There is an interesting twist here. Dysnomia is the daughter of Eris in myth.

Another interesting co-incidence is provided be the horoscope of Lucy Lawless, which features a very strong connection to this planet. The write up of the show speaks volumes:. Her name is Xena, and only her courage and passion can restore order to a world in turmoil, a world crying out for a hero!

Those are extremely comforting words in this day and age, could Eris really be our hero? The mythology reported by her discoverers is as follows:.

She stirs up jealousy and envy to cause fighting and anger amongst men. Although dwarf planet Eris is usually much further out than Pluto, and takes about years to go round our Sun, she has an egg shaped orbit and sometimes comes slightly closer to the Sun than Pluto.

At the moment she is the farthest out she gets, at 97 times the distance between the Sun and the Earth. Her brightness is surprising her discoverers though, so even though she is so far away, her influence cannot be ignored.But what makes Eris unique in her own right?

What makes her more than just a female version of Pluto or an outer planet version of Lilith?

Intuitive Astrology: Sun Conjunct Eris 2020

The second Eris is the sister of bloodthirsty Ares. So first impressions then are melancholia and sorrow mixed with bloody, raging anger. Eris as daughter of Nyx unleashes her strife-bearing children when anyone lies under oath. Eris is simply doing her job of dishing out fate. As a dark goddess she is only balancing the books and keeping the natural order. This Eris is about tough love and brings rough justice. The side of Eris which is the sister of Ares shows up in the next myth.

Her rage at rejection and the need for vindication is what is blamed for the Trojan war. The side of her that is like Lilith is the fact that she was the uninvited guest, the disowned and exiled, the 13th fairy that cursed sleeping beauty. Finally Eris, like Lilith in the garden of Eden caused a hell of a lot of trouble with just one apple! But we must look further than the myths.

Even the discovery of Eris was controversial. When Uranus was discovered it shattered the perfectly constructed Hellenistic version of the solar system.

Uranus showed there was another dimension…It broke the mold.

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Eris was quite a different story, she was discovered when it was getting quite apparent that there was now just too much out there.

The solar system was getting unruly with new discoveries every week, so with Eris all the new bodies were boxed and categorised. Just before Eris was about to be honoured by the status of being the 10 planet, the astronomers called an end to the madness and decided to demote Pluto and promote Ceres.

eris astrology

Along with Eris, the gang of three become known as dwarf plants. Neptune is the end of the line now according to schoolbooks. Because of Eris the expanding solar system has paradoxically shrunk! A Goddess as an outer planet?! Time to contain and control.

Eris is left out of the party once more. This time though she has taken down mighty Pluto too, infact Eris will take everyone down with her if she feels she has been treated unfairly or disrespected.

She exposes hypocrisy and takes and eye for an eye. Eris is the perfect whistle blower, but there is a touch of the joker in Batman to her. When she eventually dishes out her revenge she does it with such style!

Eris is about poetic justice, the scene in the Godfather when the gangster wakes up in bed with the head of his favourite racehorse seems so very Eris to me. Eris a flamboyant militant and activist, but most of all she is the warrior Queen. Think Boudicca crossed with Julian Assange…. Eris was provisionally named Xenia after the famous TV warrior princess, played by Lucy Lawless no less!

It was known that Mike Brown the discoverer wanted to call her Persephone, but an asteroid already took that name. She appears to spend half of the time above the plane and the half the time below, just like Persephone divided her time equally between the earth and the underworld. Eris is certainly eccentric, her orbit veers way out past the Kuiper belt, but comes in as far as Neptune The orbital period is achingly slow, years around the Sun. Eris was discovered at The chart makes a bolshy and brash first impression with a T square involving the Sun opposite Black Moon Lilith.

The planet Eris herself in that chart is in the first house Alderamin as the rising star on Cepheus the king. Venus conjunct Pluto is often referred to as the Persephone aspect.If we take a look at the mythology of the newest planet in our Solar System even though they are calling her a dwarf and the events surrounding her discovery, from —the idea of potentially violent struggle is indeed paramount and as well the ideal of the vital female warrior.

Before being officially named Eris last fall, after the Goddess of Strife and Discord, the new planet, designated UB, was called Xena, and the name Persephone was considered. Since Persephone and Xena, the warrior princess of popular culture, are involved in the early naming of Eris, the archetypal image comes to the fore of a perhaps damaged and certainly militant feminism that does not shrink from violence.

Eris ~ 10th Planet?

As for events, the time frame of the discovery matches that of the Iraq War, which can certainly be viewed as a violent struggle for resources. When Pluto was found in the 's, its discovery introduced some dark notions regarding the human condition, of a depth and a power that were previously unacknowledged.

It stands to reason that Eris, found even farther out into the dark void at the edge of the solar system, will also.

Just as we have grown through our understanding of the astrological Pluto, so too we will grow as we come to integrate the Eris archetype into modern Western Astrology.

Intuitive Astrology: Sun Conjunct Eris 2020

The astrology of Eris seems to be related to the no-holds-barred fight for continued existence that is fundamental in all natural process, and for making a stand for what one believes, even if violence is involved. As the sister of Mars, the God of War, Eris willingly sought the battle. There is a side of nature that is quite harsh, a struggle for survival, and this struggle is a fundamental part of the human condition as well, for we are still half animal.

Nature can be viewed in a rosy light, as it was in the hippie movement of the sixties, Bambi drinking from a little stream, but underlying this beauty is the possibility of sudden death at any moment since all of nature's children need to eat. Eris is related to this principle, and to the concept of the female warrior that embodies it, and especially to the feminist struggle for rights in a patriarchal society.

Log In Join Now. Horoscopes Reports Apps Readings Support. Log in or sign up for a free account. Forgot your password? Log In. Log in with Facebook. Easy Sign Up. Keyword: Feminine Warrior for Soul Purpose If we take a look at the mythology of the newest planet in our Solar System even though they are calling her a dwarf and the events surrounding her discovery, from —the idea of potentially violent struggle is indeed paramount and as well the ideal of the vital female warrior.

eris astrology

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