Dstv model 6s setup

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You are here because you have a question or two on DStv extra view. So, I took some time to describe the idea of DStv Xtraview in detail. In this article, I explain DStv Xtraview, cost, decoders you can use, how to install extra view and problems one can expect in an extraview set up.

Extra View is an economical and convenient way of watching different channels on different decoders under one DStv subscription. So, instead of having multiple DStv subscriptions for each decoder, you can link the decoders under one DStv subscription.

This can cause family members to squabble over the remote control.

[Review] Newest DStv Single view HD decoder vs the older one

So, extra view solves this problem by allowing each family member to watch a different channel. To add to that, you and your family can record different shows on separate decoders. When using Extra view, you can watch up to 3 live TV channels at the same time. In order to use extra view, you have to pay your regular DStv subscription plus a monthly access fee of R95 per month for each extra decoder in the setup.

The cost of installing DStv extra view varies with the complexity of the DStv set up. So, on average, the cost ranges between R and R However, the type and number of decoders determine the price. New decoder models require less cabling than old decoders since they do not use the communication cable. So, if you have new decoders, the prices tend to be cheaper. Extra view works by linking two or three decoders under the same subscription.

DStv Explora Info How to Connect The DStv Switch

In fact, you can link one or two decoders secondary decoders to the main decoder primary decoder. The primary decoder is the decoder with the main subscription. So, you can link secondary decoders to the primary decoder using a heartbeat or a smart LNB.

So, all secondary decoders can watch TV programming on the primary decoder. This means that if your primary decoder has a premium DStv subscription then the secondary decoders will be viewing DStv premium channels. In order to successfully install your extra view, you need to know basic DStv set up connections.

If you are techy then you will find it easy to do the job without any hassles. Otherwise, leave us a message on our contact form and we will send you a reliable DStv installer to help you with the setup. You can use all the new and old decoder models from Multichoice for extra view connections.

If you have the latest decoders Explora 2 or 3 and HD decoders 5s or 6s then you can use a smart LNB for your extra view set up. Each decoder needs to receive good DStv signal strength and quality for extra view setup to work. First, connect the coaxial cable of each decoder to the smart LNB. If you have recent or newer decoder models then use the uni-cable ports on the smart LNB.

Otherwise, if you have old decoder models then you can use the universal port. Remember Explora decoders use the uni-cable ports.

HD decoders can use both uni-cable and universal ports. Once you connect all the decoders to the LNB, proceed to link the decoders using a heartbeat or communication cable.

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Here is why: all new decoders can send and receive the heartbeat through the smart LNB. This type of decoder setup is known as UniView. If you are using a universal twin LNB then you will need to connect a communication cable from the RF port of the primary decoder to the RF ports of the secondary decoders.

If you want to link 3 decoders and additional TV points then you can use a tripl e view splitter. Remember the primary decoder should always be on at all times for the extra view to work. If you need technical help in setting up your extra view then contact our accredited installers.

If you are getting this type of a message then it means your secondary decoders are not getting a signal from the primary decoder.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

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BoityTshabz New Member. Joined Apr 19, Messages 1. Hi Yesterday our decoder had no signal for a few hours, and we attempted to reboot it cause that's how we usually get the signal back. Nothing happened in terms of the signal, so we rebooted once more and it loaded with the wrong date 09 September and wrong time 03; Please help, we are stranded. Richard Nketia Mensah New Member. Joined Aug 11, Messages 2.You have to make sure that the signal is strong and working at all locations before even considering the setup process.

From experience most of our customers who try the setup themselves end up getting us to come out to do or complete the full installation anyway.

It saves them the time and effort trying to figure out the technical setup themselves. We do not provide advice on how to setup your dstv systems over the phone. So if you would like to book an appointment in Pretoria, Johannesburg or Gauteng area, please schedule a appointment and call us on the number provided. Below you will find a few sources, some are older but the technical info still applies today. Gone are the days when we were compelled to watch only one station at a time despite hundreds of stations you subscribed for in DStv.

This means that the kids can get to watch cartoon in the bedroom, dad can enjoy the game in the lounge and mum can keeps up with her favorite soap opera in her bedroom all at the same time. Basically, everyone stays happy and entertained. All you need to access this unique feature is to have multiple decoders and televisions.

dstv model 6s setup

You will not need a second dish for XtraView. The single view decoders supported by this feature include:. Apart from the decoders, MultiChoice recommends the use of an 80cm dish and a quad LNB for all new XtraView installations to future proof your installation. MultiChoice also recommends the use of an accredited installer for all XtraView installations for the following reasons:.

All said and done, all you have to do is now upgrade to and enjoy this feature. Get in touch with your nearest installer here.Check the following cables:. To confirm that they are properly plugged in, firmly push the cable into the corresponding port slot.

dstv model 6s setup

The RCA cable matches the ports into which they should be inserted. Check that your Aerial Cable plugs Belling-Lee connectors are in the right sequence, fully inserted, and not damaged. Ensure that these cables are properly connected. Then make sure you have selected the correct Source or Input on your TV remote control.

Tune each channel of your TV per the instructions of the TV owners manual. Every model differs. Depending on which input socket your cable is connected to, select one of the following:. Should your DSTV RF picture be fuzzy, have wavy lines or appear to have a second picture in the background try the following recommended procedure to change DSTV decoder output channel frequency.

Also, the test pattern for the TV1 UHF tuning will be the black screen with two vertical white lines and uhf channel in the centre. If there is still interference on channel 52 try 53 and If your TV Link suddenly stops working try the following suggestions before you buy a new one. Symptoms of a faulty TV Link are channels not changing from your remote control or a grainy picture at the second television First check that the LED in the Tv Link shines. If not follow the procedures below.

If not then it's faulty. If it does have power, check that the IR Infra Red Eye is visible to your remote control and not obscured.

dstv model 6s setup

Toggle navigation Click-to-Call. Click to Call Multichoice Accredited Installer. Aerial King Accredited Installer. Check the following cables: HDMI. Belling-Lee Connector. Depending on which input socket your cable is connected to, select one of the following: AV 1 AV 2 Our experience has shown that many VCR Video Machine problems can be avoided by following these instructions: Do not use damaged cassette tapes, they will dirty your video heads. Do not use scratched discs, this causes audio tracks to skip, pictures to freeze and laser pickups to wear out sooner.

Keep your tapes in their dust covers.

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Throw away any tape that is crinkled or disc that is scratched. Never try joining a broken tape; this will damage your VCR video heads. Incorrect placing of oil will cause damage and unnecessary expense.

Replace damaged cables or plugs. They can cause snow or loss of sound or picture. Do not use earbuds or cotton wool to clean your video heads.MultiChoice has a new decoder that has hit the market. More importantly price, with the HD Decoder 6 carrying a recommended price tag of R, which increases to R should you want installation too. The new set-top box is also made from recycled components, although MultiChoice does not detail precisely how much, but does note that recycling forms a key pillar for the company.

MultiChoice also adds that any DStv customers who already own a Decoder 4 or Decoder 5 model need not upgrade, as the new iteration is not sporting any exclusive features despite its more compact design and a newly styled remote.

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How to connect the new DStv HD Single View 5 Series(Zappa) Decoder to Extra-View/XtraView

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Installation - Connecting to the TV Getting Started Page 5 Contents All about Icons Please remember to give us this information when calling us with any technical queries Smartcard slot Please ensure that the smartcard is securely inserted into the slot DStv HD Decoder Quick Guide Find your nearest one at www. Page 9: Installation - Connection To The Satellite Dish Connect either cable from the satellite Connect any one of the four cables dish directly to the LNB input on the from the satellite dish directly to the back of the decoder.

LNB input on the back of the decoder. Connect the power supply to the input marked 4 and then plug the other side into the mains. You can also go Press OK while watching TV for quick access to directly to Search using the hotlink button on the list of available apps.

Page 13 Parental Control, Satellite Settings and more. Help Here you can find our contact details, your mail messages as well as Information Central which you need when contacting our call centre. If you see a programme that you missed, press OK on the programme and select Other Airings to see when the programme is on again in the next 8 days.

You can also find specific sporting events. Want to know what time that big soccer match kicks off later today? For additional information about the programme, press i again.Luckily, this tweak is permanent. Just follow the instructions below. Before this.

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This service is designed to enable you to use one subscription on at least two DStv decoder. The new HD decoder makes it tricky to do.

dstv model 6s setup

Especially relevant: learn how to setup xtraview on any compatible DStv decoder. Read on to learn how to set this up either as an en-user or an Installer. User band 1 Frequency……. With recent technological advancements, you are not restricted to watch only one station at a time despite hundreds of stations you subscribed for in DStv. This means that the kids can get to watch the cartoon in the bedroom, dad can enjoy the game in the lounge and mum can keep up with her favourite soap opera in her bedroom all at the same time.

Basically, everyone stays happy. All you need to access this unique feature is to have multiple compatible decoders and televisions.

You will not need a second dish for XtraView. The single view decoders supported by this feature include:. Subscribe on YouTube. I have dstv explore and i want to know If I can also be watching with two TV on the same subscription. I have been using extraview on Dstv for over a year now without issues. I HV change d secondary decoder and also changed to smart lnb …yet no communication.

Hi Lemmy, Please I have already connected my two explora decoders for xtraviewbut I dont want the xtraview again. So how do I separate the xtraview subscription? Then you can disconnect the hb cable and reset your decoder with installation wizard. Please read my how to install explora for the default settings of dstv decoders. Good day, LM. Can a Switch 5 -2be used to pass aa extraview heartbeat in stead of a cable from decoder to a decoder?

Secondly, it is not compatible with the switch.

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Opeyemi: call DStv to help you switch the xtraview to the 5S and make your 5S the primary decoder. Then you can use a diplexer in the back of your 4s. Secondly, can you paste the error message you are getting when the service stops after 10 minutes?

Hi Lemme, Thank you for the reply. I checked the RF plugs and its fine.

XtraView Installation & Setup Instruction

Same happened last night. Marcus: please bring the primary and secondary decoders close to each other and see what happens. Also, hope your diplexer is at the the back of the old PVR? Have you made sure the Diplexer is correctly installed?.